Fierce Cologne

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Fierce Cologne?

So im a freshman in H.S. and i have never worn cologne b4 but i want to start. so i was wondering what kind i should use. i REALLY like fierce by abercrombie. so if i did wear fierce than could i only wear it with abercrombie clothes or could i use it when i wear hollister or ae or do i have to wear their cologne. so thank you all sooo much for ur answers! and here are some other optional questions u can answer if u want:
if u were a girl and sat by me in class wat would u think of me(like by the fierce cologne i was wearin)
also wat self image would i be giving by wearing fierce.
where do i apply cologne?!
and any other tips u can give me

You don’t have to wear abercrombie cologne with abercrombie clothes. It’s a scent, not a pair of shoes, or a pair of jeans. Just make sure the cologne smells good, it can smell differently on everyone who wears it because of pheromones. DONT OVER SPRAY THE COLOGNE nothing is worse than a guy who tries to smell good, but stinks up the whole room. Spray it into the air a couple times and walk through it, or just one spray on your shirt or neck.

Fierce Cologne

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