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Guy Laroche is the name of the French fashion designer who founded the company Guy Laroche. His career actually began in millinery, or in the design and creation of womenÂ’s hats and the accompanying trimming. In fact, another famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, began as a milliner as well.

Laroche went to work for Jean Desses in 1949, one of the worldÂ’s leading fashion designers at the time. Laroche became his assistant, and inevitably began to pick up a lot of fashion knowledge and experience from his renowned master. A few years later, in 1955, Laroche went off to the United States to investigate and learn from some of the new manufacturing methods for ready to wear apparel in the country.

By 1956 Guy Laroche had already set up his first boutique in Paris offering high-end fashion. His first offerings were received favorably, introducing bold colors and fashionable but practical clothing for women. In contrast with most of the haughty Parisian designers of the day, Laroche also became known as humble and gracious.

In 1961 he managed to open a larger second boutique, also in Paris, and took the opportunity to introduce a new ready to wear line of clothing. LarocheÂ’s business sense and creative fashion designs quickly led him to success in the industry, and his company to continue expanding.

The Laroche brand became available internationally through licensed goods. The companyÂ’s products found a great reception in the Middle East. Many items such as hats, ties, bags, nightwear, lingerie, jersey knits, and scarves were exported and made available in hundreds of boutiques all over the globe.

LarocheÂ’s first perfume, Fidji, was designed for women and was introduced in 1966. Over the years, Laroche also created other fragrances, such as Jai Ose in 1977, Drakkar Noir (an aftershave for men) in 1982, Clandestine in 1986 and Horizon menÂ’s cologne in 1993.

Eventually, though, Guy Laroche sold many shares to L’Oréal and Bernard Cornfeld. This led to the perfumery portion of the company to be wholly controlled by L’Oréal. Later, the company itself was acquired by Bic, the French razor and pen manufacturer.

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Fidji Perfume
Fidji Perfume

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