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Quite often I encounter people that belive that perfume testers are watered-down versions of the original fragrance. This is not true at all.

Where then is the difference between a tester and a regular store bought scent? Is there a lesser amount of fragrance in them? Or are they even items that have been already partially used?

Not at all. They are of the same quality and come in the same amount. The differ, however, in the packaging.

While a regular bottle is wrapped up in a nice box, decorated with a bow or fancy golden letters, testers come in cheap cardboard boxes, very often without any printing on them.

Moreover they very often lack the expensive fancy cap most store-bought scents have. Instead they come with a simple twist-off top.

Manufacturers produce perfume testers to promote their products. Fancy packaging costs quite a bit of money. So do elaborate caps and stoppers. By handing out the same perfume in cheap wrapping, manufacturers can cut down their promotion costs considerably.

The biggest difference between them and a regular store-bought item, however, is the price tag.

You can save a hefty amount of money if you can do without expensively printed boxes with satin in-lay. After all, the scent is the same, whether it has a simple screw-top or cap that makes you wonder if a sculptor was hired to hand-craft it.

Luckily it is not only fragrance-resellers that can get their hands on perfume testers. They are easily available via online-shopping to everybody. Giving you the chance to save a lot of money the next time you buy your favourite fragrance.

Don’t be fooled by the common misconception that they are of lesser value.

A perfume tester is a wonderful way to get your favourite perfume at a reasonable price.

Find out where you can get them and visit today.

Fancy Perfume
Fancy Perfume

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