Exotic Coconut Perfume

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The market for perfumes and fragrances has always been a saturated market full of a wide variety of products, brands, scents and prices. Even with the severe competition perfume companies and brands have enjoyed rather steady and moderate success. Recently, the competition has intensified as celebrity endorsed perfumes have begun to flood the market even more. In the United States alone, the fragrance market is estimated to be worth over twenty billion dollars. The endorsement of celebrities and putting their names on the bottle often raises prices but at times it can be well worth it.

With the abundance of perfumes coming up every month, it can be very difficult to decide which ones can benefit you the most for the most appropriate price. From pop stars like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson to fashion-istas like Sarah Jessica Parker there is an ever-growing plethora of perfumes readily available for the consumer. There are a few products that have proven to be well worth the price tag and have put themselves ahead of the rest of the celebrity perfume market.

Perfumes endorsed and inspired by Britney Spears have always enjoyed success even when she hasn’t. She has a wide variety of perfumes such as “Believe” “Curious”, “Fantasy”, and “Control”. Each has a very unique scent and each has performed well on the market. “Believe” is one of the best selling perfumes and can be described as a mixture of exotic fruits. It has a very fruity smell and is light and airy. Jessica Simpson on the other hand has given Britney a little bit of a run for her money with her fragrance, “Taste.” Jessica’s perfume has been very popular with the teenage crowd and is a mixture of vanilla, coconut, honey and white chocolate. It is a delicious scent that is not overpowering in any way.

Competing with the pop stars are fashion icons Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham. Parker has put two popular fragrances out on the market that are doing very well. Many women have envied her ever since her role in the show, “Sex and the City” and this has transitioned over to the perfume market. The most popular fragrance for Parker is “Covet.” It conveys a very relaxed yet distinct smell through the combined mix of lemon, chocolate, honeysuckle and magnolia among other things. Victoria Beckham on the other hand does very well promoting her perfume as well, “Intimate.” It is a more intense scent than Parker’s and is more of a floral perfume made from flowers and rose petals.

If you are new to the world of celebrity fragrances, these are some of the most popular and safe choices that you can look into. Of course, it is best to compare a few different ones and decide which may suit your style or your mood the best.

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Exotic Coconut Perfume
Exotic Coconut Perfume

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