Euphoria Men

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Is it a very weird thing that a girl wear CK euphoria for men?

I bough a bottle of CK euphoria for men last month.Sometimes when i use it ,i feel the scent is a little bit overpowering .I m afraid that ppl around me will feel strange and have a bias about that!Does it matter when younger lady use men`s cologne?

Gooness no, it doesn’t matter. Just use it very sparingly. A lot of the colognes for women are just to sweet for me. I’m always in my husband’s colognes. They smell woodsy and fresh. You don’t have to advertise what you’re wearing. My favorite and signature scent is considered a man’s, but I wear it every day. It’s so light, it seems to go away in an hour, but it makes me feel so good to put it on. I get a lot of compliments, too.

Euphoria Men

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