Eternity Summer Perfume

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If there’s one brand that is synonymous to perfumes and fragrances then that will be Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is an American fashion designer that was born on the 19th of November, 1942.

He was admitted to the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Though he never did graduate on this famous school, Calvin Klein still received an honorary Doctorate from the institution in 2003.

Twenty-six years after his birth, Calvin Klein founded Calvin Klein Inc. and started creating collections after collections of clothing and apparels. But arguably, the products of Calvin Klein that made him a household name are the perfumes and fragrances, particularly CK One and CK Be.

For the longest time all the perfumes and fragrances of Calvin Klein are maintained by a Unilever company called the Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company. But on May 2005 the fragrance licensing agreement was bought by Coty Inc. Swatch Group of New York.

There are 22 different brands of Calvin Klein perfumes and fragrances under the label of from the year 1981 to the present. In 1981, Calvin Klein Inc. released Calvin that is a perfume solely for men. Three years after that, Obsession for Women was released in the market and Obsession for Men the year after. In the same year, 1985, Eternity both for men and women was put into market.

Six years after that, Escape for Women was introduced and then two years after Escape for Men followed. 1994 was the year that the first CK One was made known to the public and in 1996, the unisex perfume CK Be was distributed to the market. Contradiction for Women and Contradiction for Men were presented in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

On the start of the 20th century, Calvin Klein perfumes and fragrances were released yearly. It started with the Red Hot limited edition of CK One in 2000 then Truth for Women in 2001, Truth for Men in 2002, Graffiti Art limited edition of CK One in 2003 as well as Crave for Men and Eternity Purple Orchid. In 2004, the company released the start of the yearly CK One Summer Collections. On this year the Eternity for Women was released.

From 2005 to 2008 the perfumes and fragrances released are the Eternity Summer Collection, Euphoria Blossom, CK One Electric and Scene and Euphoria Intense.

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Eternity Summer Perfume
Eternity Summer Perfume

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