Escape Calvin for Women

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Shopping for Calvin Klein Perfume

Author: Gen Wright

Calvin Klein is an International brand with fans from all over the world. A brisk walk in a shopping mall and you will see Calvin Klein merchandise on sale everywhere. One of Calvin Klein’s top selling line of products include it’s portfolio of designer perfume.

Calvin Klein offers perfumes for both Men and Women. Perfumes for Women include BE, CK, Escape, Euphoria, Obsession, and the popular Eternity series. Perfumes for Men are named with similar labels. For example, you will find Escape for Men, Obsession for Men, BE Men, and so on.

Calvin Klein perfumes are often more classic, and adopt a simpler look when compared to other major brand names. The perfumes are of high quality, and the fragrance from a single drop can usually last for the whole day.

All perfume manufacturers pay a great deal of attention to the design of the perfume bottles. Like all other perfumes, CK Women’s perfumes come in much smaller bottles when compared to CK Men perfumes. Male perfume bottles deliberately adopt a more macho design. You often see macho models showing off their muscular bodies in the perfume adverts.

When it comes to pricing, CK perfumes are often more affordable than other major brand names.

From the bottle designs and the pricing, one would expect CK perfumes to be ideal for busy executives – both Men and Women alike. There are minimal frills, and consumers don’t have to shell out extra for excessive marketing.

You can easily find CK perfumes in major shopping malls, major ecommerce stores, or fragrance online stores. When you shop online, you can pay via Paypal, Google Checkout, or with any major credit card. Orders are usually dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.

Calvin Klein perfumes can be worn on a wide variety of occasions. Unlike other brand names, the fragrances from CK perfumes are true to its own principle – the principle of simplicity. In other words, you will find the fragrances to be light and durable – well suited for many different occasions. You can wear the perfume to casual functions, social gatherings, or you can wear the perfume to more formal events.

The different series of perfumes are meant to suit different personalities. For sure, different fragrances appeal to different people. Some Men may like stronger fragrances that make them appear more macho. Other Men may choose lighter perfumes that paint them as the modern day sensitive man. The final choice, of course, depends very much on individual preferences.

Due to its simplicity and reasonable prices, CK perfumes also make ideal gifts. They come in elegant bottles, and can be given away as birthday gifts, souvenirs, farewell gifts, etc. Your family and friends will now remember you every time they wear that perfume!

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DM Fragrances is a small online perfume shop selling a wide range of designer fragrances including Calvin Klein Perfume.

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Escape Calvin for Women
Escape Calvin for Women

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