Escada Eau Toilette

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Perfumes are expensive – although you can definitely find discount womens perfume. It is still an expense and not one you want to waste money on. In order to make the best decision for you it helps to read reviews and information about different womens perfumes.

Here we are going to take a look at some details on a couple different womens perfumes.

Before we get into that, I just wanted to share a helpful tip – there is no need to pay full price. Be sure to look online for discount womens perfume and save some money (maybe you’ll save enough that you can buy two different fragrances and have one for day and one for evening!)

OK, onto the reviews…

Sexy Graffiti by Escada

NOTES: Wild Strawberry, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Muget, Red Peony, Violet, Cashmere Wood, Vanilla, Musk

Hailed as a young, fresh, and fruity fragrance, it is said to be good for any age. It is an Eau de Toilette.

Some people say Escada perfumes tend to dry down quickly, be very similar and tend to be limited edition frgrances that cost a lot more once they are out of mass production.

Escada perfume has been called sexy but most people disagree and feel it is too light, fruity and young to be sexy.

Overall Escada perfume is enjoyed initially but most women feel it doesn’t last long enough to get continued enjoyment.

Escada perfume has avid followers that swear it’s just right because it does soften and get very subtle after a little bit.

Escada perfume has it’s fan base and loyal users but many report trying it once and not returning. May be fun to try it as a sumemr fragrance and then return to other favorites once the summer passes.

Opium Perfume:

Opium perfume is praised as a perfect blend of spicy sensuous scents. It is an earthy fragrance. A little goes a long way, which is nice. You can plan on it lasting you a long time.

Opium perfume is another fragrance that draws many compliments and is oft recognized.

Opium Perfume notes: oriental and spicy scent with a hint of Jasmine as well as other flowers, yet with an undertone of Orange and Sandalwood.

Opium perfume is considered exotic and sexy, and is often worn evenings and for special events.

A little history on Opium Perfume…

In 1977 Yves Saint Laurent launched this enchanting new fragrance to rave reviews and very happy new customers. Since that time this perfume has been a best seller.

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Escada Eau Toilette
Escada Eau Toilette

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