Emu Oil Essential Oils

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What essential oils would you recommend for soft hair and soft skin?

I heard that lavender oil is a natural deterrent for mosquitoes, and…not only did it work for that purpose, but it smelled excellent and made my skin very soft. I have also used jojoba oil and emu oil and enjoyed both. Does anyone have any other recommendations for essential oils that you might have tried and really enjoyed?
Also, do you know of any online shops where I can buy them for a reasonable price?

hereis a fantastic skin care line based on geranium cypress and lavendar…www.yonka.com

and www.essensa.com is based on essential oil extraction

Make your own rosewater tonic using glycerin and distilled water and rosewater or rose petals picked and boiled in water
make a mask using kaolin or french clay and ad a few drops of lavendar
also you can buy essential oils at universal beauty company or at the whole foods store
you can also buy bulk whole products and oils at essential wholesale.com and they give you recipe tips for lotions, hair products etc.

Emu Oil Essential Oils
Emu Oil Essential Oils

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