Emanuel Ungaro Women’s Fragrance

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Ungaro – Designer Fashion and Perfumes

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If there is one thing Emanuel Ungaro knows how to do very well, it is how to make any woman appear seductive through his works. This is because Ungaro gives importance in portraying a woman as sexy and seductive through his clothes, but without appearing vulgar in any way. This was during the time when creating such clothes was still considered taboo in the fashion industry. However, Ungaro persevered and showed just how skillful he is in the arena.

Ungaro’s roots can be found in the tailoring business founded by his father. This was his starting ground where he mastered the basic skills of sewing and designing clothes. He worked for his father in Aix-en Province from 1951 to 1954. He then ventured out on his own and landed a job as a stylist with Maison Camps tailors in Paris. He worked there from 1955 to 1957. From there, he became a designer with Balenciaga, Paris, and then became head of design in Balenciaga, Madrid.

But it was in 1965 when Emanuel Ungaro finally opened his very own salon. His debut into the fashion scene was applauded by so many people all over the world. Even the iconic fashion models Penelope Tree and Twiggy were photographed to be wearing Ungaro masks by Avedon. His collection included leather jackets matched with hot pants and socks, chain mail dresses that have metallic bustiers to match, and quilted leather jackets with matching jockey caps and boots that reached the thighs. In 1968 came the popular use of hardware and metal in clothes, and Ungaro fancied metal bras. By August of that year, Ungaro was already known as the metal merchant among fashion moguls.

However, in 1970, Ungaro’s fashion sense became quite softer. He still incorporated loud prints for his clothes, since this has certainly become a heavy trademark in his works already. It was also during this time that Ungaro released his first ever fragrance, known as Diva. Senso for Women soon followed in 1987. Next in line were Ungaro d’Ungaro for Women, Ungaro pour l’homme I, and Ungaro pour l’homme II. More fragrances have been released since then, which cater to the many preferences of people all over the world.

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Emanuel Ungaro Women’s Fragrance
Emanuel Ungaro Women’s Fragrance

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