Elizabeth Arden Perfume

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Perfume seems to gain popularity with each passing day. Individuals buy perfumes because of their sweet aroma and soothing effects. Perfumes are usually made from plants and flower extracts. However, fragrant essential oils and other aroma compounds can be added to vary the scent. Even though perfumes were originally invented for women, they are now frequently used by men too. With the evolution of technology and electronic equipment, it is now possible to create artificial fragrances as well.

People are now becoming brand conscious, and some people prefer to buy perfumes of famous brands only. However, branded perfumes are usually expensive, and only wealthy individuals can afford to buy them. Each brand’s price is quoted in accordance with its popularity and demand in the market.

Chanel No. 5, which is among the best brands of perfumes, was introduced by Coco. The first fragrance launched was by the Parisian couturier named Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. At first Coco distributed some samples to her friends, and some to her clients at the boutique, free of cost. From this point on, the popularity of Chanel No.5 spread like wildfire. Oscar de la Renta is another brand that is a hot favorite of many. De La Renta also indulges in clothing, accessories, and sportswear in addition to perfumes.

Other major brands include Elizabeth Arden and Calvin Klein, which are famous for their perfumes and colognes. Calvin Klein has also launched numerous other perfumes under its parent name. The perfumes for men and women include Obsession, Eternity, Escape, and Obsession Night, to name a few.

The demand for designer perfumes is rapidly increasing. People who cannot afford to buy perfumes at their original rates take advantage of online sales and auctions. The perfumes can be obtained at reasonable prices when bought from such online sales.

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Elizabeth Arden Perfume
Elizabeth Arden Perfume

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