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Aftershave is getting difficult to find. Is it ok to use EDT?

A lot of the mens fragrances don’t include a splash type aftershave (at least not in the places I go!), so the choice gets a bit restricted. Is it safe to use EDT which everyone sells? What do the fragrance houses expect guys to use if they don’t make an after shave?
My local supermarkets sell – er – Lynx. And more Lynx.
When I look in scent counters, out of say 20 scents, maybe 4 include aftershave, and probably 1 or 2 that I like enough to pay proper prices for.

No, using EDT is not the same as using an after-shave. While EDT is specifically made for the fragrance, after-shave contains chemicals that help prevent fungal growth in the shave area while providing an antiseptic protection for nicks and wounds caused by the blade, which hosts trillions of microbes.

After shave lotions or balms, in addition, keep the shave area softer while EDT, being based on alcohol, can cause it to dry and get rought and hard, giving your face an ugly, dry look while making it difficult to shave.

If the brand of fragrance you use doesnt make an after-shave with the line, you might wish to look for others that include one. Alternatively, you can select an after-shave lotion or balm that is fragrance free- so that it wont mix with the scent of your perfume. Nivea, as far as I know, makes fragrance free after-shave balm but I’m sure there are other varieties available.

EDT Splash

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