Eau De Parfum Perfume

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Perfume may come in small bottles, but that doesn’t mean that the fragrance isn’t complex. Perfume actually refers to any type of fragrance, including cologne, but modern terminology separates men’s cologne and women’s perfume. Essentially, all types of fragrances ranging from proper perfumes to aftershaves consist of various perfume oils diluted with a solvent like ethanol. Overall, any fragrance is a composition of essential oils, aromas, fixatives, and a solvent, with ethanol being the most common.

The most pungent fragrance is actually perfume, but most women’s fragrances, with the exception of a “splash,” are categorized as perfumes. The next two are eau de parfum and eau de toilette, both with concentrations of 15 and 10-percent aromatic compounds. Eau de cologne is more diluted, while a splash or aftershave has the lowest concentration of aromatic compounds or perfume oils.

Regardless of the type of fragrance, perfumes, as well as colognes, are composed of three parts that segue into each other. These parts, or “notes,” consist of a top, middle, and base, with this section of notes coming in up to 30 minutes after the perfume is sprayed. All three parts influence each other. All types of perfumes have this composition, and this includes all traditional perfume types like single floral, bouquet, amber, wood, leather, chypre, and fougere. Out of these traditional perfume classifications, patchouli scents are associated with wood, while tobacco is associated with leather. Bergamot, the first citrus cent, is a chypre type of scent, while fougere often has a base of lavender, coumarin, and oakmoss. These basic types aren’t exclusive to perfumes, however, and also apply to colognes.

Modern perfume and cologne classifications expand upon this to include green, bright floral, aquatic, citrus, fruity, and gourmand fragrances. While some, such as green, are self-explanatory, bright floral actually combines single floral and bouquet fragrance types and gourmand includes dessert-scented perfumes, such as those fragrant of tonka bean, vanilla, or white chocolate. Some perfumes even combine these modern classifications to create a green and bright floral fragrance or a floral and gourmand perfume.

A sampling of classic and modern perfumes often reveals this palette of fragrances. Although most women’s perfume comes in eau de parfum and eau de toilette varieties, some scents still come as more concentrated perfumes.

Eau De Parfum Perfume
Eau De Parfum Perfume

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