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People adore the scent of Mania, a popular fragrance from the Armani Collection. This scent is one of the bestselling perfumes/colognes in the world and it has established itself as the pinnacle of sophistication and excellence. With its popularity at a high, people are in demand for all the different products associated with the brand. This article will look at the Armani Mania gift set. It will explore the overall cost and what people can expect to get in these various gift sets.

The Armani Mania fragrance is available for both men and women. For the men, Mania is described as a distinct fragrance that combines vetiver and cedar that gives this scent is captivating aura. The overall seductiveness and sensuality is increased by the amber and musk that is contained in the mix. The Armani Mania cologne is one that is not only fresh and crisp, but also elegant. The man who wears this will have undeniable charisma and confidence, that cannot be replicated anywhere.

Armani Mania for women is a burst of fragrance that is not only sophisticated, but also floral and woody. This is due to the base notes such as pink peppercorns, Moroccan laurel , green tangerine, amber, musk, sandalwood and sensual cedar. This allows a woman to feel sexy, sophisticated and sensual all at the same time.

There are different types of male gift sets available. This is due to a wide range of Armani Mania male products. All gift sets contain the Mania cologne, and this is then mixed and matched with deodorant stick or spray, aftershave lotion or balm. The set can be had in two pieces or three, depending on what is available. This is definitely a good present or a gift for that special man.

The woman’s gift set contains only two products and that is the Eau de Parfum and the Perfumed Body Lotion. The female gift set is not as extensive as its male counterpart, however getting these two products together will allow them to be discounted. Aside from that, Armani Mania for women gift set will also be packaged in a nice gift box, the perfect present for that special woman.

Typically, the Armani Mania gift set for men will cost anywhere between $50 – $75. Generally the two piece set will cost around $50 and up. The three piece set will generally be priced around $75. For the women, the gift set is around $60-$75. This fluctuation is mainly due to the size of the Eau De Parfum contained in the set or the retailer.

In closing, the Armani Mania gift set is truly good value for money. For the price of one fragrance, you will be getting anywhere from two to three. Aside from that, it allows to present the different products from the fragrance collection together as one. This makes it an excellent gift for both men and women as they are getting the best of both worlds. For people who are considering Armani Mania, then the gift sets should be at the top of the list.

Akbar Williams had recently purchased the Armani Mania gift set for his wife and was thoroughly impressed. As a result he decided to write an in-depth review on Armani Mania. If you would like to learn more about this fragrance, please visit his website.

Discount Armani Mania
Discount Armani Mania

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