Dior Pour Homme

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The modern fragrances that you so often come across these days are not just for women. Men are showing an increasing interest in these fragrances as well. There could be many reasons for this rising trend. Perhaps the men are trying to impress the opposite gender. Or perhaps the fragrances help to make them appear more macho. The perfume manufacturers understand these needs best. So they have put out a plethora of great products to fill this gap in the marketplace. Here are some top aftershave picks that have gained popularity quickly.

L’eau D’issey Pour Homme

The aftershave comes in a white colored box that has a simple but elegant design. But don’t let the simple outer appearance of the box fool you. Once you open it up, the insides reveal one of the most unique bottle designs on the market. The entire contents of the bottle is stored in the middle of the bottle. The bottom is a small pump that the user can squeeze. Upon squeezing, the top part, a small tiny tube, releases a spray of fragrance.


Aramis is an aftershave with a luxurious design. It comes in a golden colored box, and the bottle is a transparent glass bottle with a golden screw on cap. The wearer will open the cap, and sprinkle a few drops of this wonderful fragrance on to the palms, before applying on the face. It has a somewhat strong fragrance, and is ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

Aramis Life

But if you prefer a cooler and lighter alternative, check out Aramis Life. From the outer appearance of this aftershave, you can immediately tell that this fragrance is for those who want to achieve a cool image. This aftershave is perfect for a warm night. The smells will mix nicely with the body odor under the heat, till it’s the right strength. This aftershave is perfect for fun parties. The fragrance conveys an easy going and cool attitude.

Dark Blue

If the Aramis Life fragrance somehow doesn’t work out for you, you may wish to consider the Dark Blue, by Hugo Boss. Different people will need different fragrances. This is because every individual has his own unique body scent. When the body scent mixes with the scents of the aftershave, a completely new scent emerges. This is why you must try out new fragrances to see if they are suitable for you or not. The Dark Blue is a fragrance that appears cool and confident. More mature men such as business executives will find this fragrant most attractive.

Dior Homme

For a more classic scent, consider Dior Homme, by Christian Dior. This is a high quality product that is not only meant for younger men, but for older men as well. The fragrance is a classic scent, which makes it suitable for almost everyone.
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Dior Pour Homme
Dior Pour Homme

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