Dior Cologne

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Everyone knows of the infamous strong cologne.  Have you had a whiff of the kind that when a man walks by he smells like a can of gasoline?  Well look men; there is something you should know.  There are unwritten laws about the cologne women love.  Not all women come out screaming whether or not they like the smell or even the taste of powerful cologne.  Women love cologne that is pleasant, just like the rest of us.  Not too many people feel like choking on the aroma perspired by strong colognes.  Careful research from a sample of women interviewed of some of the colognes women love ranged from subtle to mildly strong cologne.  Women love cologne that is soft and won’t make you cough.  Here are the top suggestions of cologne women love and hate.

Might I suggest that some cologne can be a familiar scent that triggers memories of a past boyfriend, husband, or even from childhood as some fathers wore these colognes.  This is something to consider when learning what your lady likes for cologne.

The ladies love Sephora, if you ever head to the mall and stroll past the Sephora Outlet the place is always jam packed with women.  Every scent in there is pleasing to the ladies so you just might score big-time with a Sephora scented body lotion.

Realm Cologne Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a common favorite cologne women love.  The only problem is they’ve smelled it too often as a familiar scent among men.  So it would be wise to discover subtle cologne out of range such as Realm that includes opposite sex hormones to drive the ladies wild.

What about Axe?  Axe body spray is quite popular due to the marketing efforts, from billboards to cologne commercials with sexy women starving for the smell of Axe.  This is a big fat myth, men.  Truth is told that Axe is a bold smell that is a strong signal to send the women running away from you.

Curve is low end cologne that has been around for a while.  It’s a good start for the first date as most women who smelled samples fell in love with the cologne.  Not one complaint about Curve came from the sample of women interviewed about what kind of cologne women like.

Like Curve and subtle and pleasant smelling cologne is Burberry’s “touch” and even “izzy Myake.  The ladies gobbled this cologne up went the sample whizzed past their nose.  It’s a quiet stealth like cologne that surprises the women with bliss.

To top it off women do not like the smell of men’s Taco Bell Body Odor.  TB-BO is nasty and women would prefer the Axe Effect to mask the sour scent.  It boils down to wearing the softer colognes such as Hugo, Fahrenheit by Christian Dior, Polo Double Black and Realm.  Curve was definitely a winner of all, even though it is cheap.  Axe, came dead last.

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Dior Cologne
Dior Cologne

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