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Designer Perfume – Revel in the Aroma of Your Favorite Fragrance

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Perfumes have been used since centuries and it has arrived much earlier than other cosmetics. Perfume is used by both men and women and it not only indicates one style statement but it is also a means to shows one status symbol. Among the various types of perfumes available designer perfumes is generally meant for elite section of the society due to its high price. Designer perfumes are extremely popular among fashion conscious people, who are very careful about their overall personality. The best way to buy a designer perfume is by doing skin test as perfumes react differently to each person skin. By doing skin test one can find out the impact of perfume on one skin.

Designer perfume was introduced in the year 1930 and it soon became the fastest selling cosmetics. A designer perfume is either used to display a particular mood or to exude the persona of a particular celebrity. Designer perfume is perfect for the evening wear having unique fragrance with a floral rush of passion. Maximum amount of fragrance oil is used in the formulation of the designer perfume, which ensures that they are very much concentrated and use of little bit of perfume will also be quite effective and long lasting. 

Designer perfumes are especially made for selected group of customers and are the result of the research of famous designers and scientists. Generally available at high end section stores these perfumes are of the highest quality that also represents the company to huge section of people. These designer perfumes are formulated by merging the very best aroma and using highest quality ingredients that leaves a lasting impact on the user. These high caliber perfumes are sold in designer bottles that also indicate about the aroma of the perfume. Designer perfumes are mostly named after fashion designers, movie stars, and well known singers, who endorse them.

Designer perfumes are one of the most expensive cosmetics available in the market. Designer perfumes are expensive because celebrity name is associated with it. Apart from this fact, these perfumes are also costly due to its use of good quality fragrance oil and other ingredients. Today there are various designer perfumes that are quite popular in the cosmetic segment. Some of the popular designer perfumes are Chanel No.5, White Diamond perfume, Obsession, Joy by Jean Patou, Bvlgari fragrance and many more. Missoni, Valentino, and Cartier are some must possessed designer perfumes that are highly demanded among the lovers of designer perfumes. Most designer perfume fragrance fade over time, so one should start using the perfume immediately after buying or its fragrance will fade away with time.

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Designer Perfumes
Designer Perfumes

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