Delicious Men

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which colognes are similar with dkny’s be delicious(men)?what fragrances would a fan of ‘be delicious’ like?

I’m thinking of getting cologne for my boyfriend’s bday, but I have no experience at shopping for cologne. I know he likes ‘be delicious’ by dkny but one of his close friends already uses it, so I wish to get him something different but similar. I welcome all suggestions, but would appreciate it more if the suggestion came from a guy, I think I need some insight from a guy’s perspective. Thanks a bunch! =)
by the way, my bf is in his early 20’s, if that helps…

i like the Fierce from Abrecombie and
Bylgari, Sean John, Cartier and a lot more juss click this link and u can see a big selection of cologne

Delicious Men

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