Deep Red Hugo Boss

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Is there a Hugo Boss Deep Red for MEN?

In Palma de Mallorca airport my husband was choosing a fragrance for his birthday. He chose Hugo Boss Deep Red which was on offer, so I got it and paid for it. When I gave it to him on his birthday I realised I had picked up the FOR WOMAN, rather than the man’s. He says they were in the same place but on different shelves. I am now trying to buy him Deep Red for men, but I cannot find it anywhere, I’ve done internet searches and I just get it for women. Does it exist???

I’m not sure tbh, I know they do Hugo Boss Deep Blue for men – it smells so gorgeous :]

Have you tried the Hugo Boss fragrance site?
Or try emailing them? They might only sell certain products in certain countries or something.

Hope this helps :]

Oh here’s the fragrance site –

Deep Red Hugo Boss
Deep Red Hugo Boss

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