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The most common form of hair loss in both men and women is androgenic alopecia (also known as androgenetic alopecia.) In males, this condition is known as male-pattern baldness because there is a well-defined pattern of lost hair — over time the hairline recedes forming the “M” shape. Hair does not only recede but also becomes thinner, often progressing to total baldness.

As the recent research found out, male-pattern baldness is primarily caused by the increased level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) It is not yet completely understood how DHT affects the scalp but it is known that if a person is genetically prone to baldness, DHT may initiate the process of so-called follicular miniaturization. This process can begin as early as the end of puberty. Follicular miniaturization leads to hair becoming progressively thinner and thinner until it is completely lost.

How can hair loss be prevented and reversed?

The good news is that it is possible to prevent and reverse baldness. Since it is primarily caused by the excess amounts of DHT, the obvious solution is to decrease the level of DHT. This can be done using synthetic chemical drugs or natural treatments.

As for the drugs (such as Propecia or Rogaine), their effectiveness is not universally accepted. Also, being synthetic chemicals, they have many side effects, including gynecomastia (growth of breasts in males), erectile dysfunction, chest pain, blurred visions etc.

Are there any alternatives to chemical drugs?

Natural hair loss treatments are an obvious alternative to drugs. Their first advantage is that they don’t have any side effects. Second, such treatments as Saw Palmetto were used by men since ancient times. Would have anyone used it if it hadn’t been effective? Overall, I recommend natural baldness cures consisting of natural ingredients as the most effective solution to hair loss problems.

Saw Palmetto is a natural ingredient, which reduces the level of DHT, thus stopping and reversing hair loss. Click here for the natural hair loss treatment containing Saw Palmetto

Peter Davidoff is an expert in natural hair loss treatments.

Davidoff Woman
Davidoff Woman

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