David Beckham Women’s Fragrance

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The Top Celebrity Fragrances of 2009

Author: Gen Wright

Let’s face the truth, we are in love with celebrities. We want to know what they are doing when they are doing it. We want to know what they are wearing and where they are wearing it to. This is why we love celebrity endorsements and celebrity products so much. Celebrities are who we look up to in modern times and whatever they think is fashionable, we want to be a part of. This is why celebrity fragrances have become so popular recently. However, there is also another reason, they simply smell fantastic and make you feel even better. Here are some of the best celebrity fragrances that you want to try and get your hands on today;

* Sean Combs’ Unforgiveable for Men and Women

* Usher’s He and She

* Paris Hilton’s Paris Hilton and Just Me

* Coleen McLoughlin’s Coleen X

* Kate Moss’ Kate

* Victoria and David Beckham’s Intimately Line

* Jennifer Lopez’s Glow

* Enrique Iglesias’ True Star

* Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely and Covet

* Kylie Minogue’s Sweet Darling

* Christina Aguilera’s Inspire

* Britney Spears’ Believe and Hidden Fantasy

* Gwen Stefani’s LAMB

* Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink

That is a pretty complete list of the biggest, most popular and best selling celebrity fragrances on the market today. To narrow it down for you a little more we are going to give you a review of the top three. If you are looking for hot celebrity fragrance these are the three you should be after, without a shadow of a doubt.

Kylie Minogue’s Sweet Darling

This perfume got its name in quite a reasonable way. It is especially sweet smelling and fruity. When you spray it on you can smell a number of sweet fruits, candy and there is even a hint of some oriental spice. It is the perfect perfume for going out during the day but does not last too long. This is the type of perfume you want to pack with you in order to give yourself a spritz in the middle of the day.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely

This is one of the most popular celebrity fragrances out there and for good reason. With Parker you were probably expecting a girly, fluffy and pink perfume but that is exactly what this is not. It is a sophisticated smelling scent that lasts for an extremely long amount of time. It will stay with you throughout the day and is perfect for pretty much any occasion. It is the fragrance of choice for many women all over the world and is quickly becoming a timeless classic.

Britney Spears’ Believe

While the hype surround Britney herself died down a little bit, the hype over this fragrance simply did not. It conveys an incredibly delicious smell and the scent it gives off continues to develop on your skin over time. It is suggested that you spray it on about a half hour before going out as it does need time to take hold. It has been obviously targeted towards younger audiences but has become popular with woman of all ages due to its versatility and uniqueness.

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David Beckham Women’s Fragrance
David Beckham Women’s Fragrance

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