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Blackberry Bold: the Apple of Everyone’s Eye

Author: Day Kevi

Its round edges and black shining look is grabbing everyone’s attention. The stunning 3G phone has a large coloured screen with a full QWERTY keyboard. Its large clear screen provides the premium screen clarity with 480 by 320 pixel screen resolution. Everyone wants to own this 3G smart phone. This sleek and stylish handset comes in black coloured casing with chrome coloured edges. It stands uniquely with an attractive appearance with positioned trackball navigation control. Which can easily navigate you and keep telling you about the right directions. You will find your journey very easy with this device. The multi- functional phone comes in 133 gram weight, which is considered as a good size for a 3G Smartphone.

Its stunning 2 mega pixels camera with1600x1200 pixels resolution allows users to capture excellent still pictures as well as moving video clips. The built in camera is filled with more features like video and flash. The large screen and attractive graphics quality makes it more curious to the users to click the photos. The flash option gives proper light to the photo and makes it more clear in the low light. The video can be easily recorded from the activated support. This feature allows you to flaunt the gorgeous handset in front of your competitors.This phone is the king of all the mobiles, being filled with all unique qualities. It has surprised and amazed everybody, through its amazing features. Again, back to its loaded features, it has built in flash type memory of 128 megabytes, which can be extended up to 8 gigabytes. This feature provides the expandable memory card as an optional addition.

Its measurements capabilities it is among the best at 14mm deep, 66mm wide by 114mm tall, which is a standard size for any mobile. Everyone loves to listen music. This high-tech mobile allows its user to listen some good quality music. Its integrated music come with Media player MP3/WMA/AAC+. The sound quality looks more appealing with the mixture of sound and graphics with Video player DivX/WMV/XviD/3g features. Its music system gives you more option to chill out at your workplace, so that user can enjoy their favourite music while doing the work. Through its music system the songs can be easily downloaded or transferred into the phone conveniently.

Media synchronisation helps in transferring iTunes files from the desktop to the Blackberry. The user can enjoy their selected favourite songs from the playlist. In all, its high sound quality provides great sound from the music player, via ringtones and sound alerts. The BlackBerry Bold comes with fitted rechargeable battery with the 310 hours standby time. The completely charged battery gives five hours of talk time. Beside, with it you can also listen music, play games and capture videos It has another feature of BlackBerry Maps, which guides you on each an every step to reach your destination. The Internet browser helps you to experience the HTML Internet on your phone. By which the user can receive or send emails directly to the office. This best communicating device also offers the instant messaging service, where user can also chat, through online text chat. Its multimedia feature enable the user to edit text messaging and send picture multimedia messages, where user can send or receive those beautiful messages among their friends.

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