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James Henry Creed founded the legendary House of Creed in 1760 in London. Since then the perfume house was handed down from father to son, till date the perfume house has served more then 10 royal houses. With a history of 249 years in perfume making, it is definitely one of the 100 oldest family business in the world today. You can find under Creed list of loyal clientele includes Hollywood stars, political leaders, as well as discerning member of the public who valued high quality and natural fragrance.

Creed based in Paris is currently lead by the legendary sixth generation master perfumer, Olivier Creed. Olivier became a master perfumer in 1975 after years of study under his father. He has created some of the most fascinating fragrance in the industry, always adhering to the methods of hand production and insisting on using natural ingredients. Among his outstanding collections are the Green Irish Tweed (1985), Millesime Imperial (1995), Creed Spring Flower perfume (1996), Creed perfume Love in White (2005), Love in Black (2008) and Acqua Fiorentina (2009).

Today, Olivier Creed is grooming his son Erwin Creed, 28, as the seventh generation master perfumer and future head of the House of Creed. Erwin Creed began studying under his father at a young age of 8 when he first accompanies his father to the perfume workshop. He has through the years helped in the creation of some of the perfumes under the House of Creed. Among all are the Himalaya (2002), Love in White (2005), Original Santal (2006), Fleur de Gardenia (2006) Virgin Island Water (2007) and Acqua Fiorentina (2009).

In their latest collection, the Creeds have found inspiration in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence in Italy. In the 47th fragrance from the House of Creed, father and son have searched the local Florentine farms and orchids for the special ingredients that can truly represent the spirits of the Renaissance of Florentine. Acqua Fiorentina for women due to appear on the counters in September 2009 could generate as much as $12 million for House of Creed in the first year of retail sales.

The launching of the fragrance is in line with the direction the whole world is taking, “seeking new direction and a revitalized spirit” said Erwin Creed. The fragrance featured a top note of greengage plum, a pink carnation, bergamot orange and Calabrian lemon. Stabilized with under notes of Virginia cedar and Indian Sandalwood. Acqua Fiorentina will be the Renaissance Spirit of Florence for the new era, encouraging the young and artistic to lead the way out of the current gloom into a bright sunny age of renewed vitality.

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Creed Perfumes
Creed Perfumes

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