Cool Water Cologne

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If you are looking for Davidoff Cool Water Cologne or Perfume, you may be wondering what other people had to say about it.

Cologne: After reading the reviews on Amazon, I came away with the impression that the Davidoff fragrance is not too strong, might not last as long as you want to, and will impress your lady friends. One user on Amazon noted that despite what other people had to say about the cologne’s longevity, we get used to how a cologne smells. As such, although we may not smell our own fragrances, other people do. According to Davidoff’s site, the Cool Water Cologne includes “peppermint, spicy coriander, lavender, musk, and amber”.

Perfume: There weren’t as many user reviews for the perfume as there were for the cologne. Despite this, the reviews that were available mentioned that the strength of the perfume was just right. The perfume, according to Davidoff’s official website is a “fresh aquatic fragrance that reinforces a woman’s confident beauty.”

Aside from the typical Davidoff Cologne and Perfume, there are variations of it available. In fact, for the year of 2009 Davidoff released the “Cool Water Cool Summer” cologne. Aside from this temporary version, Davidoff has two permanent variations including Cool Water Deep and Cool Water Game.

In general, all of the colognes from this type have a “water” theme, both in the smell and in the design of the bottle. The main word which users describe the fragrance is “fresh”. Although there are many colognes and perfumes available, this type has been around since 1988. And for a good reason. It smells really good!

For a more detailed look check out Davidoff Cool Water Cologne or Davidoff Cool Water Perfume.

Cool Water Cologne
Cool Water Cologne

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