Container Candles

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Preparation and commitment are the traits needed if you want to learn how to make candles at home. These qualities do not only speak of your patience and discipline but it also determines the extent of your ability as a candle maker. While these qualities seem tough to deal with, you have to keep in mind that candle making is all about skill. That it takes practice and time before one can perfect the art of candle making.

Knowing the basics of making scented candles is easy. In fact, with the help of websites and online resource sites, you can easily find relative instructions or sources of candle making kits. Starter kits, for one, are helpful if you want to learn how to make candles at home. These kits are also very practical since you do not have to find your materials elsewhere.

Since this hobby is potentially profitable, the best way to start your venture is through following these tips and suggestions. First, knowing how to make candles at home always starts with the availability of raw materials. These include paraffin wax, wicks, wick holders, thermometer, double boiler and pouring pots. You may also need glass jars, that is if you are about to make container candles. Also, you will be needing items such as pencil, scissors, dye, fragrance oil and glue gun.

Worrying over probable sources of these supplies? Do not fret as you can easily avail them in any local craft store or online shop. Container candles maybe very basic but these candles are the easiest to make. All you need to do is firstly attach the wick into the container. Make sure that each wick is kept really straight.

Second, prepare your wax. Break up wax bars using a hammer. Third, place wax pieces in the double boiler. Fill the bottom pot with half full of water. Bring to a boil. Carefully place the pot filled with wax pieces and let it melt. Fourth, attach your thermometer to ensure that the right amount of temperature is maintained. Remember to melt your wax over medium heat.

Fifth, wait till you reach 190 degrees and stir the mixture but not overdo it. You can now add your chosen dye then simmer the colored wax mixture for another 30 minutes. Sixth, add in your desired scent. Lastly, pour the melted wax mixture into glass jars or containers and then let it cool for about six hours.

As a first timer who wants to know how to make candles at home, it is imperative to constantly practice and try doing small batches of candles. Do not attempt to produce large quantities of candles. Besides, you need to maximize your money by purchasing a suitable amount of supplies and materials. It is also best if you will seek advice from friends, particularly ones that share this interest. Do not hesitate to ask for tips and tricks as this will help you in improving your candle making skills.

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Container Candles
Container Candles

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