Colored Candles

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If we ask the importance of candles to a lay man, then definitely his answer will be that they provide light and remove darkness. But, have you ever thought an importance of candles beyond this reason? As we already know that each color in this world signifies some meaning such as white for peace, faith, truth, healing etc. And, same applies to the color of candles. Candles also carry great importance in aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, they are regarded as crucial ingredient as they give the soothing and relaxing atmosphere while feeling the aroma of essential oils. Color candles are available in different colors and with exotic fragrance.

Different colors of candle signify its individual characteristics in aromatherapy and also they help in creating different mood. Candles are available in variety of colors which signifies different emotions. Other than colors, candles are also available with different soothing and exotic fragrance.

Each color in candles signifies its own meaning and creates different mood in aromatherapy; letÂ’s know the significance of some of the colors:


In candles, white is considered as symbol of harmony and peace. It symbolizes protection, purity, trust, power, soothing etc. White color is always compared to lunar power and simplicity.


Yellow is considered as a sign of victory, wisdom, learning, knowledge and also it is compared to solar energy. Yellow color in candles creates an environment of confidence and joy.


Pink color signifies romance, affection, feminine feeling, creative, beauty etc.


Red is regarded as a symbol of fire, wildness, passion, love, anger power, strength etc.


It is a color which gives the feeling of peace, purity, reality, knowledge, devotion.


It is a color of immorality, defeat, spirits, and black magic.

In the present scenario, color candles are used to heal and cure various health problems in aromatherapy. They are also used for various other purposes such as decorative means etc. It also carries a great importance in rituals, meditation, and other events. Still colored candles are the part of prayers.

Colored candles are also considered as the first participant in most of the ceremonies. Each color of candle symbolizes and creates particular mood such as love, happiness, anger and many more.

Color candles symbolize the way to lighten in the dark. So, it is sure that these color candles in aromatherapy will help one to lead a positive life. But, while using colored candles, the person must take care of its storage as they are delicate. Sometimes it is also seen that if they are not stored properly, then its color can fade. And, can also result in uneven color patches if they are stored in open or sunlight.

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Colored Candles
Colored Candles

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