Cologne Perfumes

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Perfume and cologne can be tricky business. If you’re having troubles trying to find the right perfume or cologne for you, then there is a very simple method to narrowing down your options. All perfumes and colognes can be categorized into a distinct group. By determining which group is right for you, you can ignore eighty percent of the varieties available. Answer the questions below, and you will be a perfume and cologne expert within no time.

Are you male or female?

This one should almost go without mentioning, but this allows us to narrow down some of the categories rather quickly. Although a fragrance’s effectiveness really depends on a persons appearance, chemistry, and personality, there are certain traditional lines that the genders typically stand behind. Most masculine scents fall within three families: Fougère, Wood, and some subgroups of Fresh. The other families are typically geared for women although, as mentioned previously, there are always exceptions.

Where are you going to wear your fragrance?

If you are purchasing perfume or cologne for an office or professional setting, then you will want to choose more traditional and professional fragrances. Women may find a light Floral preferable in this case. Men, on the other hand, should choose a Fresh cologne. If you’re purchasing a fragrance for your nightlife, however, feel free to go with the heavier, more exotic options like Oriental and Fougère. If you’re simply purchasing for daily use, women should look for a Fresh perfume and men should look for a Wood cologne.

What are you trying to say about yourself?

You should also consider which family best enhances your own personality. Choosing a fragrance that doesn’t fully meld with your personality can cause a strange mental dissonance. It may project that you are either trying to hard or have a conflicted personality, neither of which will make too good of an impression on others. On the other hand, choosing the right fragrance can make you more confident in yourself, and increase your credibility in the eyes of others.

Our ability to smell is one of our strongest senses. How we smell to others can have a profound effect on our daily interactions with others. Thus, it is very important to choose the right perfume or cologne for who you are and what you plan to do. Keeping these basic questions in mind can save you from make an embarrassing mistake.

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Cologne Perfumes
Cologne Perfumes

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