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What can you do about pimples on your chest? Can you do anything about them? When you think of zits you picture them being on your face and neck; however, truth is, they can often times appear other places as well.

Having pimples on the chest isn’t that uncommon, and many adults experience this problem. Believe it or not, over half of females and roughly forty percent of males suffer from zits in this location.

Pimples on your chest are often times more difficult to get rid simply because they cover a bigger area than your face, which is where you usually experience zits. However, the flip side is, it generally is easier to get rid of them because they go away faster when you apply treatments.

What causes them?

Zits always come from clogged pores; some of the main culprits of this condition are sweat and poor diet. The best way to combat the sweat problem is to just get rid of it as soon as possible after playing. Even taking a shower right after can work wonders.

This condition is especially severe during the warmer months, particularly when playing sports and sweating a lot. Sweating brings them about even more.

Why does sweat result in acne? It’s pretty simple. When you sweat, it actually gets absorbed with the sebum and grime which is already on your skin, and these all combine to pretty much clog up your pores.

Try eating healthier and exercising more, which will help you become healthier and your skin will reflect this. Many people have found that just taking better care of themselves helps the zits to go away on their own without having to do any form of treatment, and I’d suggest you try it.

What to avoid

Avoid using cologne, lotion or other substances on your chest, which tends to result in zits. Another thing it so make sure you wear clothes that fit and don’t cling to your skin, because this stops the sweat from evaporating.

I’m not against treatments; just make sure the ones you use are natural. Many dermatologists will suggest unnatural medications, which you should definitely avoid.

Therefore, having pimples on your chest is not fun, to be sure, but fortunately there are solutions for it. These are a few you should try.

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Cologne Lotion
Cologne Lotion

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