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Choose the Perfect Mens Cologne

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There is a well known fact that sense of smell has much longer lasting memories as compared to name or face of a person. Relishing this fact, fragrance is used as a luxury personal.

Perfumes, the word is meant to describe woman’s fancy. Mens too indulge in perfumes and fragrances as much as woman, so a stronger word to describe the ruggedness of man evolved was Mens cologne. Colognes are also known as EDT (Eau De Toilette). They are much stronger than womens perfume. They just not conceal body odor but also keep you fresh and attractive whole time. They are the most concentrated and longest-lasting form of mens fragrance.

Nowadays cologne manufacturers are working relentlessly for producing distinguishable products. Various signature brands of colognes are created from nine scents which are citrus, spice, musk, herbal, wood, powder, fruit, floral and leather.

Depending upon these scents, mens cologne fragrance is composed of three layers namely head notes, heart notes and base notes. Top notes are responsible for the initial impression due to light spicy and minty scent that vanishes soon. It is followed by heart notes that comprise of heavier citrus and stronger spices scents that lasts an hour. Finally the base notes come in action. These are the mature fragrances responsible for the sweet lingering impression composed of long lasting leathers.

Citrus are the common head notes described as fresh, assertive and sharp. Slightly sour, citrus notes smell similar to the smell of fresh oranges, lemons, grapefruit, bergamot and pomello. Eg calvin klein perfume truth has citrus as domination fragrance. They form the main constituent of men’s cologne. Woodsy is the fragrances that are dominated by woody scents, typically of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli resulting in camphoraceous smell whereas leather is a family of fragrances which features the scents of honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars in its middle or base notes.

The composition of these elements certifies the hallmark of scents and duration of their stay. So people should have perceiveness regarding ingredients because colognes mingle up with the skin to release their fragrance and skin sensitive person can face problems if caution is not taken. One should never go for the impression offered by


Mens cologne is manufactured by process of alcohol and fragrance oil dilution. Jasmine, lavender and orchid extracts are the base of fragrance oil in colognes. Because of the too much efforts involved, colognes prices are quite high. It’s not an easy going task to avail all these expensive products. That’s why discount mens cologne has become a popular alternative. They are the most affordable fragrance that lends you with right aura and image to attract every heart and eye.

Various other popular colognes for men can be found under the brand names like giorgio armani cologne, Creed cologne, hugo boss cologne for man, fendi cologne whose exotic essence can provide you everlasting freshness and coolness. So enjoy the combination of rich and aromatic scents to impress your beautiful lady.

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Cologne EDT
Cologne EDT

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