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Are you scratching your head reading pheromone reviews and trying to figure out which pheromones really work? Ok, I was in the same situation until I decided to try some out for myself. One of the most talked about pheromones to attract women is Liquid Trust.

A few months ago, I purchased Liquid Trust to see if it really attracted women. After all, my dating life has been very lame, to say the least. I tend to be shy when it comes to approaching hot women. Anything that would make them attracted to me would be worth a shot!

Liquid Trust … A Trustworthy Pheromone?

Liquid Trust is an attractant pheromone produced by Vero Labs. The active ingredient (attractant) in this pheromone cologne is oxytocin. The manufacturer claims that Liquid Trust will make people trust you more. Suuuuure. I was skeptical when I first heard this but I tried it anyways. By increasing trust, they claim that it projects a passionate and intimate aura around the wearer. So, basically what they’re saying is Liquid Trust is supposed to make the opposite sex trust and desire you.

Ok, this is a bold claim so I had to try it.

My Liquid Trust Case Study – I started the day with three squirts of my new pheromone spray. I applied them on my neck and wrists. This pheromone dries quickly and has a very pleasant smell! Ok, so if all else failed I knew it at least smelled good!

I had a meeting with a sales manager that day and walked into her office to conduct business. Funny thing is that we didn’t get to talk about the purpose of the meeting until a half hour had passed. And …she was hot too, which I didn’t have a problem with!

She was all smiley and giggly as if we were two longtime buddies. She spilled her guts to me telling me more than I wanted to know about her, including her extra marital affair activities, and her trip to the Bahamas, in search of other men! Wow. This was so unlike the last meeting I had with her where she was pressed for time and ALL BUSINESS.

20 minutes later … Her assistant manager popper her head into the office with a question. Cathy, the sales manager, welcomes her to join our discussion. Ok, so now I have two beautiful women huddled around me with the most excited looks on their face. Could I really be that interesting? Loll. To make matters worse (or better depending on how you look at it), they could not keep their eyes off me and stay focused on our business agenda. I love women just as much as anybody else but there is a fine line to be crossed when you’re at work!

Finally, after two hours we conducted our meeting. The sales call was scheduled for a half hour! Our business agreement was met within 10 minutes flat. Either I’m an incredibly lucky guy or the pheromones were having a persuasive effect on these women and helped close the deal. In my opinion, it was a combination of the two.

And then … To make a long story short, she gave us an incredible offer that left my boss pleased with a smile from ear to ear. Not only that, Cathy gave me her personal number at the end of the conference. While, I don’t claim to be a mind reader this was just too much of a coincidence that I could not rule out the pheromones.

I have never seen such a complete change in a women’s behavior over a cologne or fragrance! The bottom line is Liquid Trust is a very powerful pheromone that attracts women and has a positive effect on their behavior.

One minor complaint however is that Liquid Trust seems to only last for three hours per application. Therefore, it works best for special encounters such as job interviews, business meetings, meeting with your boss to ask for a raise, or going out for a few hours to meet women. This doesn’t mean there’s any reason you can’t apply another application to keep it lasting throughout the day.

Due to the shorter than expected duration, I’ve chosen Liquid Trust to be 2nd favorite pheromone cologne. Overall, my review of Liquid Trust has been pleasantly surprising!

If you really want to drive woman crazy in the game of sexual attraction, check out my reviews of the most popular pheromones that attract women I’ll show you which pheromones really worked and how to use them to your own ADVANTAGE!

Adam Quilt is the owner of, a website that specializes in pheromones that attract women.

Coeds Love Pheromones
Coeds Love Pheromones

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