Classic Cologne

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What is the best smelling classic cologne?

I am 30 an do not want to smell like windex or Mr. Clean. If you have to wear something that makes people think you’re clean. You’re probably not but I won’t knock the appeal of it.

Some of my favorites over the years have been

Be Delicious for Men
Curve (reluctantly)
Allure Sport
Cool Water (reluctantly)
Angel for Men
Candies for Men

touch by burberry for men is awesome. & i totally agree with the other person who said fierce by abercrombie&fitch. lacoste for men, and drakkor noir smells amazing on a man.

here’s a site with some AMAZING discounts :

also, try they have amazing descriptions that you don’t even need to test it out.

btw- make sure to test out the fragrances you want, you can do so at department stores. also, test at least 5 different colonges before buying one. make sure you want that colonge to be your signature scent 🙂

Classic Cologne

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