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Outsource SEO; it’s getting just too complicated for small businesses to do it right themselves

Author: Lori Olson

What is exactly is Search Engine Optimization or SEO? Simply put, it means doing everything it takes (of course optimizing in “white hat” fashion) to get your small business website found by those who need your goods and services. This could be for example in the case of optimizing a search engine keyword search.

Many people have typically just equated SEO with being indexed in Google and the major search engines. But it actually goes beyond this. Your site may be indexed but in order to rise to the top, you will need a lot more. In this sense, the internet truly is a web. All sites with traffic which are linked to your site and/or provide a way to list your small business’ profile (including your small business URL) for free will contribute to the cross-linking value of your main website. Your site’s presence “grows” with these links and profiles and social media mentions all across the cyberspace universe.

One of the Internets most well knows standards for measuring a website’s stature has been Google Page rank. In the last few weeks, many websites have seen their page ranks take a dive. As many SEO experts are discussing the possibility of yet another Google algorithm change, some SEO experts are talking about whether Page Rank will continue to matter. Consider this:

Google’s Page Rank patent runs through 2011. At this appoint other search engines will be able to license and use the famous algorithm. What does this mean? It means that other search engines will be able to integrate it into their products as well. Google in the meanwhile will continue to innovate and grow and reach out; adding even more dimensions to what it means to have a powerful online presence.

Microsoft may continue to try to chip away at Google (e.g. Bing) but Google, the innovative giant that it is, never rests (e.g. the recently announced Chrome OS). Industry watchers continue to study and predict what Google will be up to next. Here are some industry speculations: Google continues to reach out…Google 411, Google indexing material from books (past and present), and greater numbers of ever improving cloud applications for ecommerce and more.

The prediction of some industry experts is that Google’s domination and loyal following (note that in a recent survey, Bing shows weakness against Google simply because Google users are happy and see no reason to switch) will be so integrated in so many daily operations that it will be hard for anyone (Microsoft) to challenge it (even when equipped with the Page Rank algorithm).

While onsite and offsite optimization remains a critical part of SEO, there is going to be so many more factors to consider for optimization. It will continue to expand as Google continues its outward reach. Yes, the Internet is still in its infancy and with the guidance of Papa G, it is primed for changes that we can still hardly fathom.

Currently Social Networking is one arena that offers alternative marketing opportunities. These take a lot of energy and commitment on the part of small business owners, and thus the may well be worth outsourcing SMO and well as SEO.

About the Author:

Lori Olson has a passion for helping small businesses develop strong online presences with a team of 250 professionals who analyze & implement SEO, SEM, PPC Campaign Mgmt, Social Media,Copy Writing & Web Development strategies which are customized to fit any needs, wants & budget. Update Small Business also provides leading edge employee & sales assessment & training; & CRM solutions.Small Business Consulting or call 877.265.6568.

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