Chopard Perfume

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The leading luxury watch producer – Chopard was founded by Louis – Ulysse Chopard. He was in his tender age of early twenties and staying in the Swiss mountains and had a rich family tradition of watch making. Perhaps, that was the main reason for ChopardÂ’s entry to this field. But his interest was introducing innovativeness and pondered on pocket watches and the mechanics of chronometers. Later the Chopard hereditary business was sold to Karl Sheufele.

Jewelry slice was added on to the watch making. Timepieces studded with diamonds and sapphire crystals made it favourite for ladies. Happy Diamond collection and Gstaad Collection are noteworthy works. Watches in the sports category were other masterpieces. Ten years back, a movement outlet was opened in Fleurier. And the in house movement was named as LUC.

Under the able guidance of Sheufele, Chopard outlets are present worldwide with four manufacturing units at Geneva, Fluerier, Switzerland and Pforzheim. After the partnership with Italian motor rally, Mili Migilia., Chopards have introduced a timepiece named the same.

The company was not only a money making one. The higher executives were kind enough to spend it for a better cause. The company offered all the support and help for the foundations which looked after those who are suffering from AIDS, leukemia and children who are sick. Chopard is also partnered with the highly sophisticated Cannes International Film festival.

Chopard Company is closely associated with William Goldberg Company who gave the most sought after Asoka Diamond cut for its timepieces. The meticulous craftsmanship of the Chopard watches is commendable. As far as the ladiesÂ’ collection is concerned, the designs are glossy and sensual. Needless to say, lot of celebrities and other renowned personalities picks up their Chopard collection to shine and sparkle on special occasions. Chopards success is indeed another true story of vision brought to reality.

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Chopard Perfume
Chopard Perfume

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