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Basic Types of Perfumes

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Perfume is a fragranced liquid put on the skin to spread an agreeable smell. These days, people wear fragrances for many reasons, out of which the attraction of the opposite sex and the creation of a good impression on the others are the most important ones. In addition, perfumes can act as powerful statement conveyers, “speaking” about the wearer’s mood or attitude.

Perfume includes animal and plant-based fragrant extracts, in a blend of water and alcohol. The quantity of fragrant substance dissolved in the blend of water and alcohol will define the final combination as perfume or cologne. Animal musk oils, plant essential oils or artificial fragrances resulting from different compounds can form the scented substance. Effectively, scents enter five main categories, namely fruity, floral, greens, woody and oriental scents. They will determine the sweetness and strength of diffusion of the final perfume blend. In addition, the type of the fragrance base will determine the best moments to wear the fragrance.

Commonly, fruity perfumes are invigorating and spicy. They are reasonably stimulating; moreover, they can suit all seasons. If you prefer to put on your skin traditional scents with a touch of finesse, fruity fragrances are your most appropriate choice. They will add a touch of aroma during the warm season and a touch of balmy wilderness during the cold season. It is preferable to wear them during daytime. Cheap & Chic by Moschino, Be Delicious by DKNY, Casual by Paul Sebastian, Glow after Dark by Jennifer Lopez are some examples of fruity fragrances.

If you think about choosing floral perfumes, the main extracts in them come from flowers, as the name indicates it. In addition, a choice of floral perfume stands for a choice of a strong and persistent scent. Generally, women wear such fragrances with strong flowery notes. However, they can be worn by men, too. You can choose to wear such fragrances for any event. 212 by Carolina Herrera, Aimez moi by Caron, and Dark Vanilla by Coty are some examples of floral scents.

If you are very young – a teenager, for instance – or active, you will certainly enjoy greens fragrances. Such perfumes come with a touch of fresh, herbal elegance. If you have a business meeting at evening hours, greens will work wonders. They are also suitable for casual wear. MAUBOUSSIN by Mauboussin, Versace Metal Jeans for her and Nude by Bill Blass enter the category of refreshing greens.

Woody scents come with a variety of earthy notes. They will include extracts of cedar, sandalwood, or patchouli will make some usual scents of this category. Natural scents are exceptionally abundant in these fragrances. If you want to feel invigorated and, at the same time, preserve an air of classiness, woody fragrant notes are perfect for you. Women and men alike enjoy putting on such scents. Made especially for eveningwear, such perfumes suit best the cold season. Organza First Light by Givenchy, Contradiction by Calvin Klein, Provocative by Elizabeth Arden, and Dreams by Tabu are some instances of woody fragrances.

Those who prefer truly strong scents, oriental ones will appear as just the thing. The mix is intense, very rich in sensual tinges. Best suiting eveningwear, a choice of oriental perfume will create a long-lasting impression. Intuition by Lauder and Chanel’s Chances are some instances of oriental scents. In the end, you will make your choice according to the complexity of the purpose for which you want to wear a particular fragrance. You only have to remember that any fragrance you choose will carry along the possibility of someone else developing a powerful idea of you. The way you smell will not be the single aspect in the formation of this impression, but it may be decisive.

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Whether you prefer floral, fruity, greens, woody or oriental perfume notes, your focus should be on the manner in which they will speak about your individuality. In addition, prior to choosing from the perfumes available, you need to consider the occasion on which you are going to wear it.

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Chic Carolina Perfume
Chic Carolina Perfume

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