Cheap Guerlain Perfume

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perfume: fake or not? guerlain shalimar?

I’ve got a gift form someone and it’s a perfume, shalimar by guerlain. the bottle&packing seem ok, but it wasn’t sealed… and i was thinking wether it’s not a cheap fake (they’re common in my country). so does anyone know how can i test it…or some sign that indicates if it’s original or not? like something on the box, a sign, etc?
or should i just use it and be happy with the frangance?:))
do you have one? it’s EDT … if you do, don’t you have some pictures? on the front of the package it says: “eau de toilette” and “vaporisateur” which, from the pictures i found on line, it should be “natural spray” not vaporisateur… how’s yours?
it had no seal at all, no sing of it being opened, just no seal.

Not sure if you mean the seal was opened, or it was never there in the first place. Look for the (genuine) same item for sale somewhere or detailed pictures online, and compare with yours. If the giver thought it was real and you find out it isn’t, maybe s/he would want to know. Or maybe you would want to return it to the seller. But if that isn’t possible, just be happy with it if it smells nice.

No, I only have some older Shalimar and other Guerlain perfumes and bottles, in my collection. I’d search online using the brand name, volume, type (EDP, EDT, spray, etc.), and anything else to describe it — like is it a gift set or limited edition bottle… If nothing else, Ebay will have pictures of almost every perfume you can imagine but not all of the sellers are knowledgeable and reputable. “Vaporisateur” could mean it was packaged for sale in another country. Or not. You might find one like it on websites originating in other nations. You are on the right track, looking for differences in the print and packaging. Good luck.

Cheap Guerlain Perfume
Cheap Guerlain Perfume

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