Casmir Chopard Perfume

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Chopard Perfume… Casmir or Wish?

Hey everyone I’m about to run out of my perfume and I’m about to buy a new one 🙂
At the moment I’m using the Chopard Casmir but I’ve heard the Chopard Wish is very nice.
The problem is I’m living in that ****hole that doesn’t sell this brand so I can’t even “test smell” it. Anyway which one would you go for ladies?

Also, I was actually trying to get my old perfume again (Hanae Mori – Butterfly) but I was told they don’t produce it anymore (WTF????)… so if any of you know where (in the UK) I could find that I’d be very happy.


try dolce gabbana, or joy by jean patou.

Casmir Chopard Perfume
Casmir Chopard Perfume

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