Cartier Perfume

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Has anybody tried the SANTOS DE CARTIER perfume???

its one of the best perfumes ever, im the last guy to say it because everyone asks me about it…are there any other brands better or similar to the smell of santos de CARTIER?

Personally, this isn’t one of my favorites. (This scent is very spicey; I’m from the South–these two factors don’t mix well). But you seem to like the older smells; with this said I would suggest trying the following fragrances:

– Aramis by Aramis
– Polo (Green) by Ralph Lauren
– Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
– Armani (original) by Armani
– RSVP by Kenneth Cole (very odd smell)

I put them in the order of what i think your liking will be.

Cartier Perfume
Cartier Perfume

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