Cartier Parfume

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Cartier SA founded in 1847 as a French jeweler and watch manufacturer, has through the years built a reputation for its prestige jewelries and watches.  As part of their promise to their loyal customers, Cartier entered the world of fragrance making in the early 80s to design prestige fragrance to match their timepieces and jewelries for their customers.  Cartier perfume launched their maiden perfume, Santos de Cartier perfume, in 1981 that uniquely represent Cartier as a fragrance that is luxurious, elegant and yet versatile to meet each customer needs. Cartier perfume has been unstoppable since their maiden launch.  

Through the years, Cartier perfume has been producing fragrance with such characteristics and one good example is the So Pretty perfume that was launched in 1995.  Under the belt of talented perfumer Jean Guichard, So Pretty is able to portray the feminine and joyful nature of its wearer and when needed, it is able to project its wearer with an aristocratic aura.  Due to its aristocratic nature, the fragrance is perceived by many people as a perfume for a mature woman.  Instead, I feel that the fragrance is more suitable for a young lady as the fragrance has more elements of youth and elegancy than aristocracy and it would definitely feel fantastic on a young lady.  

The wearer will emit an aura that is so cold and formal when the fragrance is first applied but when the fragrance dry down, a woody-floral warmness will engulf all in the vicinity with a feeling so sensual and elegant.  The stability of the fragrance was achieved with the introduction of the woody base that is so perfectly blended, allowing the occasional bursting of the floral notes.  When first applied, the fragrance has a slight powdery and warm feels but does not contain the usual bitterness found in sandalwood note.  

The next time you want something to feel sensual and elegant; So Pretty is the fragrance for you.  If you are going on a night out and would like to go with something light and not so lasting, the eau de toilette version of the fragrance will be perfect for you.  The eau de parfum version is recommended for the cold winter day and with its lasting power is perfect for the all day scent.  However, do not use it on a warmer day as its more intense and thicker scents may be too overpowering.  The fragrance is available in a 1.6oz eau de toilette version and a 1.7oz eau de parfum version.  

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If you have just given your love one a Cartier watch or jewelry recently, you may want to get a Cartier perfume for them to match. There is no other person who knows what fragrance matches their watch or jewelry other than Cartier themselves.

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Cartier Parfume
Cartier Parfume

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