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Is there a TRUE Christmas tree fragrance oil out there?

Looking for a scented oil that REALLY smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree. Not Yankee Candle, Scents of Creation, Glade, Pine–Sol, or Balsam oil. I’ve tried a bunch and they all make me nauseas!

I don’t want an overpowering PINE scent, I want a fresh, slightly acidic, sweet frasier fir.

Anyone ever found such a thing????

go to one of those natural scent stores that sells room perfumes and soaps and oils.. and look for a room scent that has tea tree oil in it..
Since tea tree is an evergreen from australia.. it might not be as over powering as pine sol oil smell..
I have smelt some in many stores, this tea tree room fragrance. its sort of a woodsy earthy piney green pleasant sweet smell.. might be what you are looking for.

Candle Scents Creation
Candle Scents Creation

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