Candle Oil

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Oil candles in stores appear so pretty with their various decorations from flowers to seashells that buyers often think that oil candle making involves toiling over a hot stove. Far from it, because oil candle making is actually a very easy activity bordering on the no-toil-all-joy zone! Here are the things you need to remember to make your own personalized oil candles.

Gather Your Materials and Supplies

How easy can this step be? The materials and supplies you will need are basic, which should include:

  • Liquid paraffin oil
  • Oil candle wick
  • Additional decorations like shells, dried flowers and herbs, fruits and flowers, shells and beads, even marbles and chili peppers, if you have a mind for it.
  • Thermal glass wick tube to suit the container
  • Adapter adjustment ring
  • Jar or bottle of your choice
  • Funnel

You will observe that these things can be bought at most craft stores and, hence, are easy to find. And these are inexpensive, too, than buying ready-made candles!

Make Your Candles

Now that you have gathered all the necessary materials, it is time to get down to the actual process of oil candle making. Just follow these very simple and very easy steps: First, fill the jar/bottle with the liquid paraffin oil. Be sure to make an allowance for the wick to protrude, which should be about a few millimeters below the bottle’s rim. Second, place your decorations anyway you want and let it settle. Third, insert the oil wick into the thermal glass wick tube. An allowance of about ¼ inch must be provided so that the wick extends by that much above the glass tubes top.

Third, place the prepared glass wick tube into the bottle. You can add an adapter ring, when necessary. Fourth, allow 5-10 minutes for the wick to be saturated with the oil before lighting your finished candle masterpiece. And you’re done! Of course, you can be as creative as you want in experimenting with colors, shapes, and designs. Since liquid paraffin oil is an easy material to work with you can give free rein to your imagination without worrying too much about melting and heating points, fire and hot wax safety and all the other tedious concerns associated with solid wax candle making.

Be Creative

And speaking of being creative with your candles, you can go as crazy as you want! For example, you can make batches of oil candles with specific themes along the lines of the deep blue sea, the spring garden in your yards, the fruits in your refrigerator, the paintings in the museum, the colors of the four seasons, even the moods of your life! Who says that you should only stick to the tried and true, which is very difficult when you have a strong personality, when you can take the easy way out and pander to your whims and desires?

Indeed, when it comes to oil candle making, the sky is the limit! Just give it your best shot and you will come out fine. Besides, who knows when you can turn your hobby in oil candle making into a profitable business? In these job-scarce times, it definitely sounds appealing. And that’s the way to earn more money without toiling over a hot stove!

Ruky Walsh is a oil candle expert. For information on oil candle making, visit

Candle Oil
Candle Oil

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