Candle Making Fragrance

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How do essential oils complement soap making fragrance oils? How do they complement each other? 

What are essential oils? These oils are highly concentrated liquids extracted from different parts of plants or fruits. They have the property to evaporate and have their own aroma or scent.  These oils are extracted either through distillation or pressing to get the purest oils. Distillation is the process where steam or water is used to produce a two-phase liquid. The upper part of this liquid is the oil extract while the lower part is distilled water. The extracted oil or upper part of the liquid contains the true essence of the fruit or plant used, thus it was termed essential. They come in assorted colors and consistency from clear to dark and from watery to thick. They are not really oils but they are like oils in the sense that they do not easily mix well with water. Since they are highly concentrated they should be used in moderation and cannot be used directly on the skin. These oils are more expensive because of certain factors like the small quantity of oil obtained every time, how rare the plant is and the quality of the oil obtained. 

What are fragrance oils? These oils are a complex combination of natural essential oils and solvents or part artificial or part synthetic aroma compounds. Not all fragrance oils are suitable for use in soaps or lotions. There are some of these oils intended for candles or potpourri and which will be irritating to the skin. If ever fragrance oils contain essential oils these are in very minute quantities and just to enhance the scent of the fragrance mainly because of the high cost of these kind of oils. Fragrance oils like essential oils should not be used directly on the skin and should be mixed with your final product. 

How do these oils complement each other?    

If you are going to make natural, herbal or organic soaps, it is best to use essential oils because it will enhance your soaps since these oils have and carry their own properties. Fragrance oils are added to strengthen the scent of the soap but in small quantities to avoid skin irritation. These oils are sometimes used to replace essential oils that are rare or would be environmentally irresponsible to extract. Some people buy soap and other bath products for the scent and not really for their curative or moisturizing properties, thus you can use fragrance oils as substitute for essential oils. 

Basically essential oils complement fragrance oils by adding value to soaps and other bath products that use these oils. In the same way that fragrance oils can substitute for the more expensive oils thus making your bath products affordable. Just a word of caution, both of these oils cannot be used directly on the skin and in large quantities as they may damage or irritate the skin.

Use only the best quality soap making fragrance oils for your soaps. Click on the links to find out how to properly use soap making fragrance oils and essential oils.

Candle Making Fragrance
Candle Making Fragrance

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