Candle Making Equipment

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In the business of manufacturing candles, your candle making equipment are as important as your raw materials. Maybe more important because it is more expensive, more instrumental in the satisfactory outcome of the product, and more reusable in future projects! So, to help you choose and care for your precious candle making equipment, here are easy tips.

Choose with Care

Keep in mind that in candle making, you do not have to purchase the most expensive equipment available. Just a few will do, like these equipments:

  • Thermometer – Buy either a cooking or a special candle thermometer just as long as the range covered is at 100 º – 350º F
  • Double Boiler – This is basically just one saucepan over another. You can purchase one, of course, but if you are pressed for money, then just use two new saucepans bought at a thrift store or use your two old saucepans that have seen better days. Make sure that you choose either a stainless steel or an aluminum saucepan without seals.
  • Wicking Needles – This will help you insert the wicks easily into the mold. Always buy in various sizes since different-sized candles will require different-sized wicks.
  • Measuring Jug – This will help you in determining the amount of solid wax needed. Throw in measuring cups and spoons, too.
  • Mold Equipment – Just start with a few molds that you can work with. It can be tea light molds, if you want to.
  • Other Items – To ease your candle making life, you will also need other items like aluminum foil, knife, scissors, old wooden spoon, paper towels, bowls for cooling the candles, and old milk cartons for storing excess wax. You will notice that these can be sourced from your kitchen so there is no need to purchase them.

When choosing the right equipment, always make sure that these are up to par in terms of safety and effectiveness. Often, price is not as important just as long as these two requirements are met. If possible, shop around for you can surely find friendlier prices without compromising quality.

Tender Loving Care

Your equipment will need tender loving care after each use to prevent scrubbing their surfaces too many times to benefit longevity. Besides, it is nice to clean up after every candle making session. Keep in mind that cleanliness is next to safety in candle making! To clean your candle making equipment, the steps are very simple when you come to think about it. Just get an old oven-friendly tray and place a used cookie sheet over it. Over it, line 3-4 layers of kitchen paper towels.

Now, turn all your equipment such that the bottoms face up and, hence, the wax will drip down into the paper towels when melted. Place the tray with the equipment into an oven set at the “Keep warm” mode for about 5 minutes. Take the still-warm equipment out of the oven and wipe them with clean paper towels and these are ready for next use! Caution: Use thick gloves to avoid burning and cutting your hands.

Indeed, choosing and caring for your candle making equipment is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just be sure to always keep safety in mind and you ought to be alright no matter how cheaply you purchased and secured your candle making equipment.

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Candle Making Equipment
Candle Making Equipment

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