Candle Making at Home

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Candle making was an essential task of life for thousands of years. In the age before electricity the only way to have light at night was from the burning of candles or lamps. In modern times candle making has become a popular hobby due to its simplicity and affordability. While many people make candles for the enjoyment of the warmth and scent, making candles to give as gifts or even as a side business, has become increasingly popular.

Unlike some hobbies which require expensive equipment or unusual supplies, candle making relies upon equipment most likely already in your own home and supplies which are easily found in most craft stores or online. Essentially all one needs to do in order to make candles is to melt wax, pour the wax into a mold, add a wick, and then wait for the candle to solidify. That’s it, no special talent or artistic skill required.

Step One: Prepare the Wax

In order to melt the wax one will need a heat source such as a burner on a stove top. Never use a microwave to melt candle wax! While the use of microwave sounds convenient, it is actually very dangerous and could result in a fire. Instead melt the wax inside double boiler on the stove top. A double boiler will allow the wax to be melted slowly without the danger of heating too quickly and burning. Remember, a double boiler is nothing more than two nested pots. The bottom pot needs to be large enough to boil water in while the second pot should fit on top but not fall in (or over) and be large enough to contain the quantity wax you are melting. Bring the water in the bottom pot to a boil and then place the pot with the wax in it on top.

Step 2: Pour the Wax into the Mold

While wax is melting make sure the candle wick and mold to be used is close by. Once the wax has melted, take it off the heat and place the wick in the candle mold. Slowly pour the melted wax into the mold being careful not to splash burning hot wax.

Step 3: Allow the Wax to Cool

Newly made candles will need to cool in the mold for four to six hours. If removing the candle from the mold is difficult, try placing the candle in the freezer for 30 minutes. There are commercially available candle mold sprays which are made to prevent candles from sticking to molds, but in a pinch cooking spray will do.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Candles!

There are almost an unending number of options when it comes to making ones candles at home. Consider adding fragrance, color, or additives. Experiment with different types of wax or even gels. Coordinate colors and scents to make seasonal gifts. Latex molds can even allow one the flexibility of making candles in any shape desirable.

Candle making can also be a great way to make money for those who love it. The best way to start one’s candle making business is by buying materials in bulk from wholesale supplies which allows one to keep prices competitive. Lovely packaging or labels will also be a necessity. Finally remember to make your product unique as there is a long legacy of candle making already in place.

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Candle Making At Home
Candle Making At Home

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