Burberry Weekend Women’s Fragrance

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Perfumes for All Men and Women

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Perfume is everywhere that we look. When we go to the department store we pass the perfume section that is bursting with perfumes. There are style conscious men who wear perfume according to their moods. There are perfumes that go with their schedule, for instance corporate, semi-casual or casual perfumes.

The Women’s fragrance from this Burberry perfume comes from fresh Jasmine, sweet Mandarin Orange, a vibrant and intense Red Rose, delicious Gingerbread, Patchouli, Benzoic, Sandalwood and glorious Vanilla bean. These scents all combine to make a sensuous fragrance that is made to appeal to today’s women.

This men’s Burberry perfume is based on an Oriental and spicy theme. After these notes have faded you will inhale the subtle scents of Mimosa, the fruity flavor of the Port Wine smell that mingles with the intense aroma of Leather. There is a range of must-wear perfumes for party freaks, avid bikers or those to want to smell great even on weekends: Weekend for men, though is a new brand, orquidperfume does have a whole range of fragrances to make one’s weekend sensual.

The development of such well-balanced perfumes takes a lot of experience and hard work. This is why cheap perfumes cannot have the qualities of expensive ones. Please visit this site www.orquidperfume.com for extra details.

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Burberry Weekend Women’s Fragrance
Burberry Weekend Women’s Fragrance

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