Burberry London Perfume for Women

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Burberry perfumes for Women

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Women are always enamored by the sweet fragrances. Wearing a good fragrance is essential part of the personality of a chic woman. There are many good quality perfumes offered by many companies. Out of all brands, one popular brand is Burberry Perfumes. Burberry perfume for women is among the most popular perfumes. Lunched in 1995/1996, this perfume has created a special place in the fashion kitty of modern women. Across the globe, women love to wear it. It was renamed as the Burberry London in late 1990’s but later in 2005; it was again got its original name as just Burberry.

Burberry, the brand is also popular for other things like designer bags, clothing trends and the popular plaid patterns, designed by the company. Due to success of these products specially targeted to women, company launched its perfume for women.

The Fragrance of Burberry Perfume for Women It is sensuous and appealing perfume. This Women Perfumes is sweet smelling. Top notes of fragrance of this perfume contain the top notes of lavender, mint and thyme. Mixed to it are the middle notes of germanium, sandalwood and cedar. Bottom notes of this perfume are consists of amber and jasmine. Once you wear this perfume, its fragrance can last for more than nine hours. Though it feels strong in the initial hour of applying it but it is not overbearing. Women of all the ages can use it and can be used at any hour of the day casually. The warm and sexy scent of the fragrance of the Burberry Perfume for Women smells like a fresh fruit. This perfume is perfect buy for those who love fresh, warm fruity smell.

Product and Packaging Like its fragrance, packaging of this perfume is equally attractive. It is classy, away from a being a trendy packaging. Ivory colored box has a plaid border at its bottom. Burberry is printed in large across the fragrance box. You will instantly love the shape and size of the clear bottle which is short and round with silver top. Burberry is printed in large across the bottle which contains amber colored perfume.

While looking forward to buy Burberry perfumes, you can also check its gifts sets which include shower gel and lotion in an ivory package. So this Burberry Perfume for Women can be your choice of perfume if you like warm, fresh, fruity scent. It can be the most essential part of your style and you can make a style statement. To buy Burberry perfumes, you can search online. There are many stores offering this perfume at discount prices.

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Burberry London Perfume For Women
Burberry London Perfume For Women

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