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Perfume Becomes the Reason for Discharge

Author: Taina Walters

The consequences of the economic crisis are sharply felt by female employees who are fired for their predilection for perfume. The point is that in a stressful environment people’s sense of smell, especially those who have a lot of responsibility, is aggravated to the limit. Also, the reason for one in five dismissals is based on the personal distaste of the employee’s boss.

Historical background

According to data from a German magazine called Junge Karriere, 38% of Germans consider the most irritating factor in the work  place to be the smell emanating from their colleagues.
This issue is not only a relevant  one for Germany. The numerous discussions of the theme on the Internet testify to this: “I was suffering for half a year from the strong aromas of our new female employee. Toward the end of the day my head was aching, and my fingers were all thumbs. It is a pity that I did not have the authority to apply administrative measures to this lady”, – writes an employee of a Swiss company in his blog.
Actually, the smell of perfumes, even very expensive and high quality fragrance, can cause not only emotional discomfort, but also allergic reactions in the form of nausea, vertigo, or head cold. For this reason, in many companies fans of artificial aromas are fought against in the same way that smoking in the work place is fought against.

Prior to the beginning of world’s economic hysteria this problem existed along with others. Chiefs tried not to advertise their personal dislike of a colleague who overused a fragrance and would officially credit that colleagues dismissal to entirely other reasons.
Crisis has cleared the air. Now managers are not hesitating to declare that an employee’s release is in connection with the fact that an employee, “has created uncomfortable (or conflicting) situation because of the excessive use of perfume.”
Not so long ago in the Swedish city of Malmo, a collaborator of a shipping company was fired because she used toilet water with a too sweet, luscious aroma, which created in her boss a choking sensation. After a warning from management, she refused to change her eau de toilette. At first this case was the recipient of wide public attention, but interest in it abated after the appearance of a pair of similar situations.
An even better precedent has happened in the English city of Norfolk. Linda Gorman filed lawsuit against several colleagues at the same time and even against her own chief for the use of perfume in the work place.

Fashionable solution
Observing this sad trend, many fashion houses have increased the funds directed to the PR-actions, in order to switch the attention of buyers to the calm “office” aromas.
It has turned out that in the line of the perfume products represented on the market, there is a special type of aromas – “for work” or “for every day”.
There are strict, implicit flower or green scents, sweet notes in which are defused, which must help the wearer of the perfume to convey to his/her associates and colleagues the image of a serious and reliable partner. Actually, a businesswoman would appear ridiculous, if she smelled of vanilla or candies.

Perfect match
For the workplace it would be logical to select neutral, fresh, “green”, flower, grassy odors with a slightly sour taste of fruit or with vivacity of a sea breeze. The use of the unisex smells is the best way possible to correspond to contemporary business style.
For big female bosses, it is worthwhile to turn attention to respectable perfumes, which reflect status, but are not too obtrusive. For example 5th Avenue from Elizabeth Arden, DKNY from Donna Karan.
Calm “imperceptible” aromas are irreplaceable for beginning female workers, who strongly fear the sensitive nose of the chief, but at the same time they want to smell good as well. “The obscurity” of such aromas does not diminish their merits at all: Aqua Allegoria Flora Nerolia from Guerlain, Inspiration from Lacoste.
For those female employees of middle level, who are assured of their chief, it is possible to advise feminine fruit and amber aromas – ideal for the daily use in any situation.
Fruit aromas especially will appeal to the young collaborators, who run to dates after work. These are warm and astringent compositions of apple, pear and peach: Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel, Amor Amor from Cacharel.
The family of amber smells includes soft, delicate compositions of lavender, vanilla, and cistus, which are especially suitable for middle age ladies: Island Kiss from Escada, Miracle from Lancôme.

Aromas forbidden in the office

Obviously it is not advisable “to put on” heavy, too intense, or frankly sexual aromas to the workplace. Firs of all these sexual aromas include musk smells.
Musk is a basic weapon of animals in their sexual games during the courting period. Musk notes enter into the composition of practically all feminine and tempting perfumes; therefore, in the working environment there is no place for such smells as Prescense, Gaultier 2, Fragile.
Oriental sweet and astringent eastern essences – vanilla, amber, and sandal-wood – also are not suitable for the office. These are typically evening, thick, and audacious aromas for strong women, who know their own value. Well-known eastern compositions: Hypnose from Lancôme, Opuim from Yves Saint Laurent.
Spicy exotic compositions from cinnamon, ginger, and carnation will help to create image of insidious seducer – not the best character at work. These saturated aromas are suitable exclusive for evening appearances. Spicy notes can be easily smelled in Poison and Dior Addict from Christian Dior, Deep Night from Ghost, Rush from Gucci.

Strong smell is a tactlessness
For aromas at work there is a recommended safe “action radius”. In the office are permitted only the aromas with the intensity, which is cannot be smelled from a distance of half a meter from the person wearing the perfume. In this respect eau de toilette wins against perfumes, since the wearer has less risk to irritate the others around him or her.

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