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I can admit when I’m wrong. Believing a first impression can be downright stupid. No wonder why people always make bad choices; these choices are usually based on first impressions. I almost made the same mistake when I first sniffed Hugo Element by Hugo Boss. Based on my first impression, I was about to write it off as a typical mid-priced fragrance for men — generic but good enough for everyday wear. However, I decided to listen to my intuition and gave it another look.

I first gave Hugo Element my full attention when I decided to use it as a nighttime cologne. It held up pretty well in my favorite smoky pubs. I was noticed by plenty of people, and I could contribute those positive observations from those gracious strangers to Hugo Element. I smelled good and they were forced to notice. I also wore it to work a few days later. Its watery woodsy scent held up all day, and this really impressed me. Hugo Element knew how to work well with my natural oils. I guess its synthetic ingredient, calone, must have special chemical powers. This high tech and urban fragrance is truly a marvel.

According to Hugo Boss, Hugo Element is “created for the urban traveler who sees the city as his life source. Designed to revive your creative energy, the fragrance is inspired by the energy of the four elements.” This scent begins with calone, a synthetic material. This note symbolizes water. Its middle notes are ginger and coriander lead, which represents fire. It dries down to woody notes, particularly cedarwood, representing the earth element. Finally, its packaging represents air; its bottle interprets an oxygen bottle.

What is my recommendation for Hugo Element? The answer to this question is obvious and simply. I highly recommend it. It is meant for men who are cutting edge urbanites.

Hugo Element is sold as a 2 and 3 oz Eau de Toilette, 3 oz after shave lotion, 2.5 oz after shave balm, 5 oz shower gel and 2.4 oz deodorant stick. It starts at $21. It will be available at better department stores nationwide in Spring 2009. Hugo Element is currently being sold at select Macy’s.

Lawrence Johnson, Jr., aka The Fragrance Man, was a public librarian for over 8 years. He briefly sold designer fragrances and wrote articles and guides for community groups and publications. He is also a passionate fragrance lover and loves to think. He currently owns over 2 dozen fragrances. He is the creator and sole writer for a blog called The Fragrance Man: A Fragrance Addict,

Boss Fragrance
Boss Fragrance

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