Boss Eau De Toilette

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How do you make an Eau De Toilette last longer on you?

These things wear off soooo quick…..I’ve purchased Hugo and Davidoff and yesterday i got myself Boss -In Motion , and all of them smell amazing but they seem to wear off after a while..
Is this true or is it just an illusion while others can get the scent from me?

And what can I do to make the EDT stay on longer?

Thanks for your help =)

It depends where you apply works best if you put in on strategic parts of your body. They might sound odd but the best places are

1) The backs of the knees

2) Across the abdomen

3) In the cleavage area

4) In the bend of the elbows

5) On the wrists

6) On both sides of the neck

These areas all heat up easily, thus releasing the scent better. Hope I helped

Boss Eau De Toilette
Boss Eau De Toilette

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