Body Perfume

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How to make panties smell good witout using perfume/body spray?

Is their ne thin i can use to make them smell good witout havin to use perfume/body spray???
They are washed they js smell like wen u take them out of the dryer and i wanna send them to my boyfriend for VDAY but i dnt kno wat to use since i ran out of perfume.

Please, no perfumes, and most of the stuff suggested above is some kind of perfume!
Us guys hate it when we dive down there, expecting a wonderful treat, and are attacked by perfume!
It may smell good, but it tastes horrible!!!!

Anyway, to answer:
Put some of that potpourri in your underwear drawer. Just a bit, so i’ts not overpowering.

But seriously, any real man, is going to want to smell YOU (as long as you’re clean, and if you’re not, no fluffy product is going to make up for that)

Body Perfume
Body Perfume

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