Body Butter Perfume

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Diffrence between body butter and lotion and other things (help!)?

Whats the diffrence between

Lotion – body butter

Body spray – perfume

Shower gel – shower cream

Which do you perfer to use?

Please and thank you

Body butter is really thick and creamy compared to lotion which is runnier. It is meant for very dry skin as it is very heavy so if you have oilier skin you would probably be more comfortable using a lotion, also, body butter is too heavy to use on your face where as lotion (depending on the type) can be used anywhere.

I use both depending on the time of year. In the summer I tend to use lotion, because it is lighter, whereas in the winter I use body butter as that is the time of year when skin gets driest.

Body spray has a lesser percentage of perfume concentrates (ie. the scent or essential oil) than perfume. So basically the perfume is stronger (it can be anywhere from 7-15% or 15-40% of perfume concentrates depending on the type whereas body spray is much less than that – typically less than 5%)

The body spray or eau de toilet is better in the hotter seasons or daytime because it is milder scent so the heat of the air will heat up your body – molecules move faster in heat and you will get a good aroma. Perfume is better in the winter or the night time when it is cooler and molecules are not moving as fast. (I don’t know if that makes sense to you but think of a scented oil diffuser – if you just put in the oil you can smell it a litte but when you light a candle under it the scent spreads quickly).

Shower gel vs. cream. Shower cream tends to have added moisturizers in it which I prefer because my skin is dry whereas shower gel is basically like liquid soap – but it lathers better.

Body Butter Perfume
Body Butter Perfume

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